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Model Classes

Are you a model escort with an interest in working for our top tier agency? Would you like to learn and become the best model you can be? Then here is your chance to join our classes and our team of professional and experienced tutors will instruct you in the finest of detail on how to perfect your modelling craft. We have a team of extremely knowledgeable staff who are willing and eager to coach you and ensure you become the crème of the crème.

Intensive Courses

It is very crucial to you that you learn the best way possible on how to become a successful model. We have to admit that our approach to this learning is through a rigorous training model which has been validated and accepted as a top standard in the model industry. Once you chose to undertake our training, our team of experts will meet you and schedule the most convenient time to train you. Consequently, will create an intensive training schedule that will pack all the knowledge and skills necessary within the agreed time frame.

Essential Acting

If you aspire to become the perfect model escort, then this is the place to be. Our instructors will equip you with just the essential skills to dazzle your clients and earn their admiration. You have to learn the art of carrying yourself whenever you are with a client so as to stay ahead of the game and the competition. We have a team of professional and experienced models who have excelled in their industry. As a model, you need to join this prestigious club and that is exactly what we pledge to enable you achieve.

What We Do

New collection

The segment is the brainchild of our vibrant staff that seeks to unearth and discover new talents. It is with this notion, that our agency seeks to showcase new models and their creativity. We have the confidence that under this section lies continuous growth. It is our belief that new and fresh ideas in the modelling industry will take shape as we showcase portfolio from new models. Our intention is that more and more models will join our prestigious agency and showcase their collections.

Fashion week gallery

They say fashion is the most personal form of expression. By an individual’s dressing, one can have a feel of just what the person feels and is trying to tell the world. It is in this spirit, that we will showcase the finest of fashions spotted by our models all in a bid to display to the world their elegance. It will be an entire week of brilliant displays and magnificent poses as you enjoy the eye-catching view.

Passion & Creative

We cannot over estimate our drive and dedication towards creativity. Our prime motivating factor is being able to produce dazzling moments that will brighten and thrill your life at every passing day. It is in this commitment that we pledge to commit each and every shred of energy to bring you those creative and exciting moments. As a team, we live by the mantra of creativity and it is exactly what we try to show you; never to confine those brilliant ideas and moments.